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Best Krakow Apartments - a guide how to find the best apartment vacation rentals in Krakow written by locals

Hello travelers! As you probably already know, Krakow (one of the oldest and definitely the most beautiful city in Poland) is quickly becoming more and more popular among tourists and visitors from around the world. There are also more and more hotels, and more apartments for rent available - but, like in all popular travel destinations and popular historic cities in Europe, finding the best apartment for rent takes some knowledge. So we decided to write this short guide - it's purpose is to help you find the best apartment in Krakow available for rent and explain what you should be looking for while searching for it.
1. Location
The best way to see Krakow is definitely on foot - by walking. The most important aspect of the best apartment for rent is that it should be located in a place that allows you to go to all the most important places and landmarks on foot - and it should not take longer than, let's say, 20 minutes or 30 (if you stop to grab some ice cream). The main are…